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App Name Abofahdsh APK
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Latest Version v4.2.18
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Abofahdsh is the perfect asset for Android users to adjust the touch sensitivity, resolution, and size of different elements on the screen. This app works to modify the Dots Per Inch DPI feature. You can enhance the resolution of the screen during your gaming. This app is ideal for gamers to control touch sensitivity, especially in MOBA and FPS games. It is also useful for quick and efficient weapon swapping during the gameplay. The best thing about this app is that it works equally well on high-end and low-end Android devices.

Sensitivity and touch control are very important in mobile online battleground games and first-person shooting games. This touch sensitivity and touch control depends on the DPI settings of the device. DPI decides how much an object moves during the gameplay when you make a physical swipe on the screen. Hence, controlling the DPI settings is mandatory for quick and better gameplay. The APK given on this page is designed to give you full control of your DPI settings on Android. You can adjust your DPI settings according to game requirements to boost your gameplay. Moreover, it also plays a key role in adjusting the resolution and pixels of different elements on the screen.

Features of Abofahdsh:

This app has many features that will boost your gaming controls and overall screen experience of your Android device. Let’s explore the potential features of this amazing Android app.

Complete DPI Control

There are thousands of different Android companies and Android models. These Android devices have different settings and operating systems. Some Android devices have built-in DPI setting controls where users can customize DPI. However, the majority of the devices don’t have this DPI customization feature. Hence, this app is perfect for all of those Android devices as it gives full control of Dots Per Inch settings.

Resolution boost

This app also works as a resolution customizer. It allows you to tweak the screen resolution for different elements on the screen. Use the DPI controller of this app and take the visual resolution of the Android device to a customized level.

Size Adjustments for Screen Elements

In addition to movement controls, this app also gives you control of size adjustment for different elements on your screen. You can customize the visual size of different elements with the built-in size customizer of this app.

Diverse Compatibility

Abofahdsh offers support for a wide range of devices and Android gadgets. You can use this app on all sorts of Android devices to customize the DPI settings of Low-end and high-end devices.

Visual Enhancement

Adjusting element size and DPI settings will result in visual enhancement. You can boost the visual appearance of different elements by adjusting DPI, resolution, and element size to achieve the desired visual appearance for different elements.

Ad-free App

This app comes with an ad blocker to limit all ads from this app. You won’t face any ads while customizing the visual appearance and touch sensitivity of your device.

Valuable Features for Gamers:

In addition to normal mobile use, this app will also give a lot of boost to your mobile gaming. There are plenty of features in this app that will give an edge to you in your gameplay in MOBA and FPS games. Let’s discuss the features of this app that assist gaming lovers.

Sensitivity Controls

The first thing that Abofahdsh APK offers is sensitivity control. While playing shooting and fighting games, the sensitivity of controls matters a lot. This app will give you complete control of your touch sensitivity to customize your moves on the battlefield.

Easy Weapon Swapping

Weapon swapping is mandatory in most MOBA and shooting games. To make this swapping more quicker, this app is perfect. It will speedify your weapon swapping as you can change weapons in split seconds with its DPI customizer.


The best part of this app is aiming to assist on the battlefield. It will help you to customize your aiming control with its auto-aim feature. This feature will automate your aiming procedure and make your gameplay quicker than ever.

Dron View

To keep you ahead of other players on the battlefield, this app also brings the Dron view into play. You can watch other players’ locations and their movements using this drone view feature.

Abofahdsh APK Download:

If you are willing to customize your gaming controls, sensitivity, and screen resolution, then this app is the perfect option for you. It is a free app, 100% safe, and gives you complete customization control. To download this DPI customizer for your Android, you have to follow these steps.

  • Download the APK file of this DPI customization app from our page.
  • Go to settings, allow installation permission, and return to the APK file.
  • Use the install button, complete the installation, launch the app, and start enjoying customization.


Abofahdsh App is the best asset for Android users to customize a variety of settings. It will help you to boost your visual enhancement and resolution of your Android. You can customize the size of elements for visual appearance control. Moreover, it allows you to control the touch sensitivity and movement settings of your Android. Download the app now and enhance your gaming and visual appearance of elements on your Android.


How to fix Abofahdsh APK not working?

If you are facing this error, it is mainly because of an outdated app version. To fix this issue, you can go with the latest updated version of this app given above on this page.

Is the Abofahdsh App safe?

Yes, this is a 100% safe app for DPI customization and visual enhancement of Android devices.

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