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App Name ATA MLBG Changer APK
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Size 18 MB
Latest Version v3.3.9
Last Updated                         May 13

ATA MLBG Changer is a gaming injector app specially designed for Mobile Legend Bang Bang. It will unlock premium weapons, exclusive skins, bunny bundles, emotes, and game assets. These free assets and premium weapons will boost the game’s performance. You can change the loading screen and main screen settings by customizing them accordingly. Moreover, it will also help you to change the battleground visual elements.

MLBB is one of the most popular games in the eSports industry and its user base is increasing. This game has many advanced gaming features, skins, and paid weapons. Hence, users look to avoid those premiums and get all the game assets free. This injector app will help users a lot who are seeking a free gaming boost. It will integrate premium features, weapons, skins, and assets into the gameplay for free.

Ata Mlbg Changer apk

There are hundreds of gaming injectors, panels, and mod menus for different games. Mobile Legends Bang Bang has millions of players and hundreds of injectors and panels are used by these players. This one is perfect Among hundreds of available mod versions and injectors. It comes with a simple UI and easy feature integrations for your MLBB game. Moreover, you can also change different game aspects and customize the gameplay.

Features of ATA MLBG Changer:

You can boost your gameplay and customize the game with a huge variety of features offered by this injector. Here are the top integrations and gaming boosts that you can get with this app.

UI Customization

This game changer will help you to change the game interface. You can change game analog & hero analog. It also allows you to customize the loading screen and main screen. Moreover, you can also customize the loading text screen.

Unlock & Customize Maps

Mobile Legends game has many maps. This app will unlock all the maps to integrate them into your game. Moreover, you can further customize these new and all old maps. There is a built-in map changer that will help you to customize and redesign the game map.

Exclusive Skins

ATA MLBG Changer also brings in powerful, premium, and exclusive ML skins. You can boost your gameplay with these skins. Try a wide range of outfits for your hero and use skins for all your weapons including guns & tanks.

Audio Customization

To tweak up your game audio, this app also gives you an audio customization option. This injector app helps players integrate custom BGM and soundtracks for a pleasing audio experience in the game.

ML Effects

This app also helps players to integrate and customize battle effects. There is a long list of battle effects and game effects that you can integrate and customize. It includes BGM, Intro, Respawn, recall, and other battle effects.


ATA MLBG Changer is the best customizer and game injector. It integrates a huge amount of features and unlocks the full customization potential of the game. From maps to loading screen and hero analog to visual screen, you can customize anything. Moreover, it unlocks exclusive ML skins, all weapons, different game characters, and battle effects. You can customize characters and battle effects. All these customization and assets take the gameplay to an advanced level.

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