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App Name CODM Injector APK
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Size 89 MB
Latest Version v44.8d
Last Updated                         May 26

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If you went to the best performance in the Call of Duty Mobile. If yes, then you are right here. CODM Injector can change the fate of the ordinary players of the Call of Duty mobile game. This app meets the great criteria of a good Injector. It has everything to make you battle in the game or player. It is the real changer gaming mod for all the CODMS. Currently, this application works on low-end and high-end devices.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod CODM Injector is on the hit list of mobile games due to its offering services to the players. It provides the best and most intense competitions with good gameplay. There are multiple missions to the players. The app can interface these challenges to the player’s hand. However, it is not an easy task for the player. There are many difficult situations for the players. Each challenge of this game is more difficult. With this app, you can do everything in the game.

The players can get the game weapons to kill their enemies in the game. Plus the players can grab the advanced premium stuff of the CODM. It unlocks almost premium features for free. The app contains many new tricks that can be used to make the game easier. Furthermore, you can use this app to provide items to become a pro player of the game. The app controls the whole game in many new ways.

Features of CODM Injector?

It is the Call of Duty Mobile game mod for Android and IOS users. It is a fully modified application for those players who want to use all the premium features and stuff for free. The app gives you all the advanced locked features. The ordinary player can inject these items into the game to get more power to win a lot of victories.

Menu Aimbot

This application is full of advanced powerful elements that include aim-lock, aimbot, auto-headshot, and for its. These features will help make clear headshots of the enemy’s head.

ESP Menu

On the ESP Menu players can get a lot of praise from the CODM player which gives them advantages over others. This menu is the most popular and famous in the gaming world.


CODM Injector gives you the auto headshot app that you can use to kill your enemies with one shoot. However, it is an outstanding feature of the app.

Items list

There is a list of offering items of the app that you can collect from the items list of this app. There are lots of Call of Duty Mobile game items that you can inject into the game for free of cost.

Free to cost

The application you can use without paying any cost from your pocket. Because this application is a third-party application that is free of cost to use. To get the premium stuff of CODM you need to install this app on your mobile phone.

Medkit Run

With the help of the Medkit Run feature, you can add additional health points to increase your health in the game. It is the most players’ favorite feature. Make sure you will also like this feature.


CODM Injector is the mod version of the Call of Duty Mobile game for those players who are excited to use the premium features for free. If you are one of these players and want to use the premium stuff and features of CODM Mobile Mod then you can download this app on your mobile. There is no need to sign up for the app to use. Also, you don’t need to put in a password to open the app to get the advanced premium features for free.

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