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English App is an English learning platform designed by an Indian portal (Englishwale) for English learning. It will boost your English language with video-based lessons, spoken practice lessons, vocabulary collection, and other features. With its professionally designed module, you can sharpen your spoken English and English writing skills. The best part of this website is that it includes both video and text lessons. Moreover, you can also get audio-based spoken English lessons & practices to boost your English speaking.

The best part of this app is its huge collection of YouTube video lectures. In these lectures, highly professional English App teach you English. Moreover, you can also collaborate with them through the comment section to get answers to your queries and confusions.  English is spoken in a very fluent tone. It becomes tough for a non-native English speaker to understand a native speaker. Hence, this app also gives a boost to your listening power for the English language with its listening lessons. You can practice listening to English in different native and non-native tones of this language.

English is an international language and is used all over the world for global communication. Moreover, almost 70% of educational content, research, online content, and communications are done in this language. Hence, it is a compulsory language for everyone in the world. For Indian people learning English has always been tricky because it is a different language from all Indian languages. Hence, we are presenting you with the best app on this page that will take your English to the pro level. You can learn basic English, and grammar rules, and can boost your English writing & spoken skills.

Features of English App APK:

This app has great knowledge for English lovers and comes with a variety of features that will enhance your grip on this language.

Grammar Concepts

For learning any language, grammar is the key factor. You have to get a good grasp of language grammar. Hence, this app is highly focused on grammar rules and explains every grammar asset thoroughly.

Vocabulary Collection

English has a diverse collection of words as its vocabulary words reach millions. This app includes a huge collection of English words in its vocabulary. You will find every word of this language in this huge vocabulary collection of Spoken English App APK.

Practice Exercises

It’s a 100% practically proven formula that “Practice makes you perfect”. Hence, this app included tons of practice-based lessons. In these practice lessons, you can put in all the knowledge that you have learned from the text and video lessons offered in this app.

Test Paper

To evaluate your preparations and English learning, this app also includes test papers. After completing every lesson, this app will conduct a test paper for this lesson. This lesson-by-lesson test evaluation boosts your English learning very quickly. If you do not perform well on any test paper, then this app gives you a chance to retry this lesson to get perfection.

Pronunciation Modules

Usually, people learn English to speak this language well. Hence, the pronunciation of different words is key to mastering this language. English Guru App includes specially designed Pronunciation modules. These modules will help you to pronounce different words of this language accurately.

Daily Use English Sentences

There is a huge collection of daily-use sentences in this app. These sentences come with Hindi to English translation. So that you can get to know about the English of different daily use sentences. With this sentence collection, you can start speaking English in your daily life within a few days.

Speaking Practices

Once you have done with grammar, English-to-Hindi translation, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening practices, now it’s time to speak English. English Guru Apk includes speaking practices where you can practice basic English sentences to professional-level English speaking.

Hindi to English Dictionary

Moreover, there is an integrated dictionary for Hindi to English translations. You can type in any word or sentence in the Hindi language to get its English translation within a second. It helps you to communicate via text chatting with customers and clients all over the world.

English App Download:

If you are struggling to get a good grip on the English language then we are offering you a perfect English Guru on this page. This app will work as a professional English teacher that will take your English to the pro level. Let’s download it with a simple tap on the Download button. It will initiate the download process and within seconds the download will be completed. After downloading the APK file of this English app, you can open it and install it using the Install button given there. One, thing is to notice here that you have to keep the “Unknown Source” Installation toggle on in the settings while installing this app.


English App is the best Guru for you to learn English. It contains a professionally designed model to boost the learning skills of English lovers. You will get video-based lessons from highly skilled English professionals. These lessons cover basic grammar to all assets required for professional English speaking. With a huge vocabulary collection, daily use sentences, test papers, lessons, practices, and Hindi to English dictionary, this app is the perfect asset for anyone willing to speak high-quality English.


Can I use the English App offline?

Yes, you can access practice lessons, and text-based content offline. But for video lessons, you have to go with an internet connection.

Is the English App free?

Yes, all the content, lessons, and services are free and there are no premium courses in this app.

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