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App Name FaceApp APK
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Have you ever think what will be your look if you put new gender, new make-up, new gender, new beards, and new hairstyles?  So, after taking some chances will you look more beautiful or find yourself in a new face that was entirely put in oblivion for so long? With such modifications, there can be two conditions, whether you cannot recognize yourself or will end up with a disgusting face. Download FaceApp Mod APK and modify your look with the addition of different facial elements to your real character.

As a user of the mod version of FaceApp, can change your entire appearance by adjusting your facial features, hairstyle, and even gender, age, and much more. This user-friendly Android app offers a seamless experiment with multiple looks. It also offers several settings that create so much fun. And, it works seamlessly on your Android phones. So, utilize the images that you took from your mobile camera or imported from different sources.  Therefore, always focus on high-quality photos and enjoy discovering the latest looks for a creative and enjoyable experience.

As far as its features are concerned, users can add at least two multiple smiling modes to photos. It also analyzes photos in Swift Speed. Moreover, with lofty security, user information is maintained by not sharing with others. Here, you have a chance to modify your complete face into a man or woman. However, wrinkle elimination on the face is easy with its automatic retouching facility. So, feel free to generate distinctive and attractive collages photos.  Download this mod version and access its premium features for free.

What is FaceApp Mod APK?

It Mod APK is the mod version of the official App that offers premium features for free for its users. That is why users can access premium effects, gender changers, hairstyles, and several other features. Users can unlock the latest editing tools and transform their entire appearance into a premium look with comfort and ease.  So, download it on your smartphone and take your image editing skills to the next level.

Enjoy Endless Features with FaceApp Mod APK:

For all those users who are sick of irritating commercials and in-app purchases, this mod app can be a big sigh of relief for them.  Because they can access FaceApp’s complete version for free and access all premium features on their Android devices.

Modify Hair Style and Color

With this Mod APK file, users will be able to modify the entire look of their characters such as hair style and color. So, feel free to select between multiple hairstyles of various colors and lengths. However, in-app AI also generates excellent hairstyles that can be according to your preference.

Adjust Filters and Modify Background

The game offers various backgrounds that players can choose and put them in an image. Of course, it will modify the entire surrounding environment and make the image quite different. However, lens blurring, color effects, and other valuable tools change the faces with extraordinary transformations.

Adjust Facial Expressions

As a user of this app, users can adjust their facial expressions. In this regard, take a picture and then modify its facial expressions. Surely, you will be baffled to turn your sad face into a happy one, etc. But adding a vivid beautiful smile to even a sad face can be turned into a jubilant face without editing software or Photoshop.

Select your Facial Hair

The Face App mod version also offers a massive collection of multiple beard styles. So you can find a beard of different colors and lengths. That is why an instant modification to your avatars with perfect mustaches or bears can change their entire look.


Surely, FaceApp Mod APK provides a versatile app that transforms its user’s selfies funnily with in-app editing tools. Here, users can discover unlimited options for their appearance like modifying their age progression, facial expressions, makeup, and also hairstyle. With our mod version, you can enjoy almost all premium-based features for free. And can enjoy ad-free enhanced privacy and usage. If you use this app for professional photo editing or just for enjoyment,  this app offers a distinctive entertaining experience on your Android devices that can enhance the entire quality of your selfie.

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