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App Name Factory Test APK
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Latest Version v1.5
Last Updated                         June 14

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Factory Test APK is an Android app to check and assess the performance of your smartphone. In today’s digital world, almost everyone uses a smartphone. But as mobile users, we don’t have any idea about the performance and condition of different functions of the device. This app is going to help you in assessing the performance of your Android device and its various functions. You can test your device’s battery, display, microphone, camera, sensor, speaker, buttons, touch, and all other functions. These tests will help you to assess and optimize the performance of your device.

About Factory Test:

It helps you to check the performance of your device display. You can assess its performance. Evaluate brightness level. Manage defective pixels. Test and adjust the color accuracy and viewing angle of your device display. Also, The battery is a key component of your device and its optimized performance is mandatory for your device. With this app, you can assess and evaluate the working state, charging rate, and lifespan of your device’s battery.

Features of Factory Text:

This app has many features that help to analyze asses and manage different functions of your Android device. Here is the complete list of features that this device-testing app is going to offer you.

Touchscreen Test

Test your touchscreen with the Factory Test App. It will help to monitor & evaluate the accuracy and responsiveness of the touchscreen. This test app not only detects various touchscreen problems but also helps you to fix them.

Camera Test

Run a camera test with this app. It will boost your camera functionality. You can fix different components and functions of the camera. It will automatically detect different malfunctions in your device camera and fix them to give you the best camera performance.

Connectivity Test

It is also ideal for your device connectivity. It detects network connection strength and ensures a seamless & strong connection for the device. You can enjoy strong & multiple connections with wifi, Bluetooth, SIM data, etc.

Microphone & Speaker

Both microphone and speaker are core components of a mobile device for audio input and output. Hence, assessing the performance of these audio functions is compulsory. Now this App gonna help you to manage and assess the performance of the microphone and speakers.

Button Test

Every smart device has a power button and two volume buttons. Some also have a home button and a finger lock button. The button test of this app will help you to evaluate the performance of all those buttons on your device.


Factory Test APK is the best Android mobile app that helps mobile users assess and evaluate mobile performance. It allows you to conduct different tests for your device’s functions. You can check how well your battery is working. With touchscreen & display tests, you can detect defective pixels and manage display features. Sensor tests and button tests are also there for optimizing the device’s performance. From connectivity to camera and microphone to speakers, It can analyze all the functions and features of your mobile.

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