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FlixHQ is an app that has an ever-updated library of video content with a matchless streaming service. If you are looking for a free movie source, series fun, and endless video streaming then no look further. This app has everything in it that you want for your movie thrill or series drama. From a dedicated library of millions of videos, you can quench your entertainment thirst with ease. Watch movies. Stream series. Enjoy videos. Get HD quality non-stop entertainment and enjoy Box Office Hits and Office series.

Mobile is the must-have gadget for every person in the world. While entertainment is at the heart of every mobile and smart device. For mobile entertainment, there are thousands of platforms that bring videos & movies. FlixHQ App is among the most loved, extremely powerful, and fully loaded entertainment platforms. It has millions of videos and thousands of videos are included to enhance its collection and keep it updated. Video quality is HD, ads are blocked, and video content is endless. The best thing is that you are not gonna pay anything for all this stuff.

Features of FlixHQ:

When it comes to the amount of content and features, the answer from this app is ‘endless’. It has millions of videos that are diversified into collections and categories. You can enjoy RedBox TV Office Hits and the latest blockbuster movies. There are tons of seasons, serials, series, and TV shows waiting for you. Video quality is HD with no payment policy. Moreover, the powerful servers of this app are also there to keep buffering away.

1M+ Video Collection

This platform has sublime collections of movies, series, serials, and shows in its library. Its mammoth library contains over one million videos to meet the movie demands of every user. You can also enjoy 4K resolution for these online movie streams.

Box Office Hits

Enjoy all Box office hits for free with FlixHQ. It brings in hit movies of the Box Office, super hit Bollywood movies, and HD quality Hollywood movies. You can get over-the-top hit movies and series for free.

Web Series & Seasons

In addition to movies, web series & seasons are the second best thing here. Because nowadays, TV seasons, web series, TV series, and Web seasons are getting very popular. Hence this app is highly focused on these entertainment categories.

HD Video Quality

It’s a free app but doesn’t bore you with ordinary quality and buffering. You can enjoy buffering-free HD video quality for your online video streams. Moreover, it brings flexibility to resolutions as you can pick low to HD quality with ease.

No Buffering, No Ads, No Payments

Buffering irritations are a common issue in streaming apps. But this one comes clean and buffer-free streaming without any ads. Moreover, for movies, videos, and  HD entertainment, you don’t need to pay for this app.


FlixHQ APK is the best HD quality entertainment stellar. It offers 1M+ movies, series, and a diverse video library. With HD-quality services and powerful servers, this app ensures non-stop entertainment. All ads are blocked and you can enjoy Box Office Hits for free. It includes video subtitles, dubbed content, and 20+ video entertainment genres.

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