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App Name Getting Over It APK
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Size 154 MB
Latest Version v1.9.8
Last Updated                         July 2

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Getting Over It APK is a hardcore-based android video game. Here as a player, you have to control the in-game hero who usually sits in a certain pot. Here you also have to take complete control of the protagonist. Your task is not difficult because just lead him towards all types of trials and get over the realm of the game.  Furthermore, you also need to get over the hindrances is the hammer. So, with the specific hammer, will have to climb lofty mountains, boulders, and trees. 

However, while making even a single wrong move, will have to pass that level again. Therefore, keep your mind and train your nerves and agility to achieve excellent results. Perhaps, you have come across that the majority of the players complain about not getting a chance to play complicated games through Play Store. But Getting Over It APK is a hard game that is not easy to play non-regular players cannot play it well without practicing. Download it and learn hard gameplay.

Apart from this game, surely, there are many games in which players have to start from scratch. That is why the gameplay becomes complicated with tough levels. So, this game also comes in the tough category, and after its launch gamers went creasy and still players like to play it by skipping other games. Here, you will find humor, excitement, anger, and much more that can be quite appealing to those players who like to play challenging and complicated games on their smartphones.

What is Gettig Over It APK?

Getting Over It APK is quite an unusual simulation video game with physics elements. Here players climb up at the top of the mountains with liberty of action. However, this game is not so much as easy as you think. Because the in-game hero sits in an iron tub, and you need to move it around by utilizing a certain pickaxe.  Here is the passage a pile of rock fragments, boulders, and stones.  After reaching on the top of the mountain, will get a reward and also answers to those questions which were hidden by the authors.

Features Gettig Over It APK:

Play the game without Experience

If you are new to this game, then do not worry, because hard games do not require experience. After playing this game just 3 or 4 times, will be accustomed to gameplay. Then can perform activities like jumping, swinging, flying, and climbing easily.

Enjoy in-game Puzzles

Here the gameplay does not have similarity to puzzle and simulation games. Because to climb up the mountains, will have to keep trying and this process remains almost five hours. Then you are in the position to win the game. So, sound is not as easy as we perceive.

No Additional Requirements

To play this game, you just need to download it from our safe link. Then install it and start playing on your Android phone. Without any extra options or settings, can play it to kill your leisure time creatively.

Safe and Secure

Getting Over It APK is a secure game from all angles. While playing games online, security risks are also involved. But with this game, players will enjoy a safe gameplay experience. So, download this tough game and play it without keeping and security threat in your mind.

Free Game

On the App Store, to download it you will have to play almost $4.99. But on our website, you can get it for free without paying any sort of money. We have added its official version for free for our all players.


It is perfect to mention that Getting Over It APK provides distinctive and challenging gameplay for players. In this way player’s gaming skills, perseverance, and patience are tested. That is why after getting complete command over the game mechanism by using a certain hammer, you can deal with hindrances easily. That also offers a dense sense of accomplishment with devastating gameplay. It contains easy design and vivid narration enhancing the power of climbing up the mountain.  This game offers an unforgettable journey of this game obstacles with proper determination but with frustration.

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