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In Goku. Tu you can easily watch your favorite web series and movies. You know that when you watch TV then you stay in one place, so it is still boring. But using the smartphone you don’t need to stay in one place. Because advanced technology facilitates people to ease their lives. Well, here we are happy to share a streaming application that allows you to watch your favorite serial in different locations. With this app, you don’t need to stay as long in the same place. You can move with your phone and also watch your movies.

Goku. Tu is a great utility application that allows you to watch live TV shows, Movies, and series for free. This application is currently developed and available to use for people. People can download this application on their smartphone to watch their favorite serials without paying any single penny from their pocket. Inside, the application you can collect a huge number of different contents. The application supports 4k video format and also HD format. A user-friendly interface is also added to the app to use for the users.

This application lets you stream more than 8000 plus Movies channels on your smartphone. When you install this application on your smartphone then you have full access to watch the latest movies. It is a streaming-packed application and is also safe to use. The application is very best for streaming movies and also for downloading movies for free of cost. Since this app is full of entertainment. You can enjoy your favorite movies with this application high high-quality facilities. The app is easy and simple to use and free for users.

Features of Goku. Tu:

There are the details of features that this app offers you to use for free of cost.

Free to download

You know that many streaming apps are available in the market but some apps require a key to provide full access and allow to download. But this application is free of cost to download that you can download on our website.

Easy interface and simple

The app has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use. The app is designed for easy to use. It is the UI design app that makes your experience amazing by offering a user-friendly interface and a simple way to use the app.

Huge collection of contents

Goku. Tu has a huge collection of different contents. On this platform, you can watch Dramas, TV Shows, Movies, Films, Web series, Funny clips, and television shows.

Create a playlist

You will be able to add your favorite content to the playlist. As a result, you don’t need to search again and again. When you completely save your content in the playlist then you can easily watch them without any trouble.

Watch Live TV

There is another big and useful feature. This feature will allow you to stream the majority of sports channels. It completely makes your live-streaming sports matches such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, and many more sports matches.

No Root require

Another interesting feature is no root is required. If your phone is not rooting then no matter the app works perfectly on your non-rooting smartphone. Since it is a very helpful feature for non-rooting phone users.

Save and secure

The many third-party applications are not secure and safe to use. But this application is legit and safe to use. You can download this application from here to securely. Because we provide always safe and secure apps it is our responsibility to provide the saved contents to our users.


Goku. Tu is the most popular and best streaming app where you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and much more content. There are no limitations or restrictions for the users. The major source of this application is it will allow you to watch the entertainment content. In short, it is an online streaming application that you can download here to watch movies, films, TV shows, dramas, and live events in just one touch. Moreover, the application has news and TV works that you can freely watch on your mobile phone.

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