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Goodbye Eternity is the best visual-based Novel set game that is loaded with adventurous elements. Here, as a player, you play the role of a certain man who already finds himself suddenly after bearing a miserable existence. Now, a new chance appears to start an entirely new life. So, take the complete benefit of this great chance by learning from past mistakes.  Here, you have the opportunity to seduce those ladies you never approached. Take revenge on others and try to change your fortune.

Why your eyes are changing to yellow? Why do some events of the past not appear like this as they were used to utilize? Face all those people who ever trampled your heart and also all various upcoming challenges. Will you be able to select correctly? Will you show all the secrets behind your overall reincarnation? The game allows you to select your path toward your final destiny. As far as the relationships and stories with lady characters are concerned, focus on seducing you.

Goodbye Eternity

Goodbye, Eternity provides you with stunning 60FPS high-definition animations. Moreover, incredible backgrounds are also added in several versions which are by time and day. Dearing characters also appear that will remain attached to you till the end of gameplay. Here, you can discover the vast city. However, the amazing soundtrack also makes the game enjoyable. The story of this game is quite captivating and mysterious. As far as the interface is concerned, it is quite polished, new players can also play the game easily.

What is Goodbye Eternity?

It is the best engaging visual novel game with different adventurous elements. Here, players will navigate an enchanting story, interact with other characters, make cardinal decisions, and discover a vivid city. Enjoy stunning animations and unique soundtracks, and also unlock different accessories.

Features of Goodbye Eternity:

Avail lots of Choices

The game puts its players in puzzles and each puzzle comes with different levels. You need to perform well on each level. So, you will have to provide a clear and cunning answer to accomplish the task. But here you come across different challenging choices.

Goodbye Eternity Mod

Interact Easily with in-game Characters

Here, your interaction with other characters is very cardinal, because in this way you will be able to develop and improve mutual relationships. So, will have the option to find an apt person to date with that person. However, with different types of puzzles, you will join characters in amazing adventures.

Access to Different Accessories and Outfits

Here, your major purpose is to maintain the relation with the character with an extra response. So, players can unlock some useful features and utilize unlimited attire and costumes. Therefore, you can explore and equip your avatar with an entirely different look.

Enjoy a Vivid and Clear Gaming Environment

As a player Goodbye Eternity, you will enjoy the vivid gaming atmosphere that changes constantly. However, incredible landscapes will also provide an engaging and healthy gaming experience for all. Do not delay anymore, download its latest version on your Android devices and enjoy beautiful and colorful gameplay for free.

Goodbye Eternity Mod APK

Tips to Play this Game

First of all, you need to learn the real mechanism of this game which is not difficult. You can easily learn to move and manipulate characters to different locations to accomplish assigned tasks. Upgrade your characters frequently and also interact with them regularly.


Of course, Goodbye Eternity is the best adventure game that provides an engaging and unique gaming experience to its players. And, they learn the modern gaming style. The mission of this game is to return to the original and real world. Surely, naturally, people interact with other characters in the game so that can help each other to return. Therefore, every decision is cardinal because it can affect the gameplay. Feel free to take the distinctive gaming experience after downloading this great game on your Android devices.

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