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iJaya88 APK

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App Name iJaya88 APK
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Size 30.26 MB
Latest Version v1.0.2
Last Updated                         May 13

iJaya88 is the most popular betting and largest casino gaming app in Asia. It allows you to set bets in several sports games such as it contains Cricket, Hockey, Football Volleyball, and many more tournaments. Indeed, this casino gaming platform has various sports games that you can play online to earn real money. Hence, this application comes with the latest casino games that you can play on your mobile. Yet, the app comes with a variety of interesting games that you can play on your smartphone.

Besides, nowadays casino games are got a lot of popularity due to their providing facilities to the users. Users can enjoy several games in this single-spot cash machine gaming app. The iJaya88 App allows you to use the many options on your hands to collect rewards and real money. However, the money is withdrawn from your mobile accounts. The users can grab the different kinds of online games to win the real money. Inside, the game you can enjoy the 3 Patti Blue game that is very famous in Asian countries. The application comes with the APK File for the users.

It is the largest betting gaming platform for users. Users can climb up to the weekly bonuses and monthly bonuses. In short, this application will count you in the rich people, if you have good skills in playing online games. This gaming app includes Ludo and Dragon vs. Tiger-like games that are available to play with a good winning ratio. In a particular game, you can participate with many attractive features. The game allows you to use a variety of unique and interesting features for the players. Players can download and install this game for free of cost.

Features of iJaya88:

The following features you can use on this gaming platform. Each feature is workable for each player of the game. Well, each feature works differently from other features.


The best and most reliable gameplay of this gaming platform also forces to users stay on it for the long term. Why this gaming is largest in Asia, well this gameplay is very smooth and attractive to the players.

2D Graphics

Graphics are an important part of any kind of particular game. Hence, this gaming app’s graphics and very high quality to the users. It contains the pixel with 2D graphics for the users.

User-friendly interface

iJaya88 APK is a good condition user-friendly interface for the players. With this gaming platform’s user-friendly interface, you have a good way to play online games on this platform.

Customer service

There are customer service is available 24 out of 7 hours to the user’s help. If you have any problems or questions about this gaming app, then you can let your customer service team support to resolve it within minutes.

Free to download

You can download and install this gaming application on your smartphone for free of cost. Also, you can further games download for free on this app. It is the best feature of this app for the users.


It is summed that iJaya88 is the best and largest casino gaming betting platform in the whole of Asia. You can play and earn money with this app if you are Asian. The gaming app provides a lot of games to play for only Asian gamers. Because this gaming platform is specially developed for Asian gamers. Anyway, on it you collect the coins and diamonds of the game to bet in the different sports tournaments.

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