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Imoba Free Fire is an engaging game tool for Free fire. It’s a gaming injector for Android mobile users to increase the gaming features of Garena Free Fire. The main purpose of the panel is to unlock premium assets. But this also includes risks as the app is from third-party modders and goes against game laws. If you are ready to take a risk on your guarantee then you are going to get plenty from this tool.

You can unlock skins, weapons, and all maps of FF. It also integrates unlimited diamonds, emotes, ESPs, and respawns. Moreover, it will also maximize your shooting range with long-range guns and different sorts of weapons. Auto aim, unlimited ammo, wall tricks, and auto-headshots will also assist you in the game.

Garena Free Fire is also available in the max version. This tool works for both versions of the game. You can unlock the skins of both these games with this mobile panel. Now there is no more need to pay for skins for both of these game versions.  Imoba Free Fire also offers a variety of emotes. You can express feelings or converse quickly with friends using these emotes. If foes knock you down then this panel also has respawns for you.

Features of Imoba Free Fire:

This gaming tool for Garena will boost your gameplay with a lot of exciting features that are premium in the official version of the game. Here is the list of those advanced features that you are going to get from this FF panel.

Drone & Ghost Modes

To stay invisible on the battleground, there is a ghost mode for invisibility. Moreover, this Free Fire Panel also has a drone view for you. You can use it to watch what going around in the battleground and where are your opponents.

Unlimited Money & Coins

Earning FF coins and in-game money is a hard grind. But the this application makes this task super-easy for you. You will get unlimited money and tons of in-game coins for free without completing any task. Claim this free money and use it to unlock things and make customizations.

Hit in Water & Air

Imoba Free Fire boosts your shooting in the game by expanding your range. You can now hit fires in the water and from the water along with your ground-to-air shooting and ground-to-ground shooting.

High Damage

In the official game version, you have to shoot enemies multiple times to kill or give high damage. But now you can enhance your shooting damage. With this panel, you can give very high damage to your foes in minimum fires.

Auto Headshot & Auto Aim

Aiming is quite tough and making a headshot is rare for the gamer due to the fast-paced combat battle of Garena FF. Hence, this panel brings auto aim and auto headshots for you. With the auto headshot feature, you can automate your aiming process and make plenty of headshots.


Imoba Free Fire is the best gaming panel and mobile injector for Free Fire. There are hundreds of other such panels and injectors for this game, but this one is the most secure of all. It comes with an anti-ban and a wide range of features. You can unlock assets and skins for both Garena Free Fire original and max versions. With seamless integration features and a wide diversity of weapon arsenal, this tool surely gonna amaze you in the game. Download the Free Fire Mobile Panel and unlock premium features, skins, weapons, and unlimited in-game coins & money.

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