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Kame Paradise 3 APK

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App Name Kame Paradise 3 APK
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Size 462.06 MB
Latest Version v3.7
Last Updated                         May 22

If you love to play fighting games then get ready to play amazing battles on Kame Paradise 3. The app is very unique and satisfying for the users. Here you can get different characters to select. The battle will be held between three teams. Now you can select your favorite dragon ball character on this app. Choose the best character for yourself and begin to fight with other teams. The last player surviving in the game will win the match.

In the game, you can make different moves. It will allow you to select the amazing characters of Dragon Ball to compete with the computer. The games can also be played with your friends. Enjoy your spare time with friends while playing the game with them. It is one of the most unique games with unique features, characters, and fighting features. The cool music and the unique appearance of the characters are very cool.

Dragon Ball has been the favorite cartoon of all time. In these cartoons, the players can enjoy unique graphics. You will experience all the best characters of Dragon Ball in the app. Select them and make their wonderful moves on this platform. Kame Paradise 3 App is very unique and satisfying. You will enjoy non-stop gaming experiences. The cool graphics and maps that fight battles with other Dragon Ball characters are very cool.

Features of Kame Paradise 3:

Select Your Character

Dragon ball characters are very famous in the app. Almost all the best characters are available for free. You can select them to begin your fights.

Sounds Effects

The sound effects are very cool. On your hits, you will experience a very cool sound. It builds the user’s interest to play Kame Paradise 3 more accurately.


The game is challenging for the users. They will have to win the matches by winning different rounds. The competition is not going to be easy.

Intuitive Controls

Kame Paradise 3 APK contains unique modes to play. You can compete with the PC otherwise invite your friends to enjoy its gameplay together. The options are available in front of the players so they will have exciting choices.

Special Powers

As we know Dragon Ball is very unique character with amazing powers. The game is also very wonderful with all the same characters and mind-blowing powers. You can use all these powers to defeat your opponents.


Kame Paradise 3 is very unique game that is developed including the amazing features of dragon balls. In the game, you can enjoy all the same powers and abilities as available in official dragon balls. While fighting the players will be allowed to select the Dragon balls by collecting their powers during the fight. You can enjoy better quality sounds, amazing hit effects, and amazing powers in your character. Get ready to enjoy this game which is available for free. The victory depends upon the player’s skills. The way you block their hits will show how better you are in this dragon ball game.

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