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App Name Konoha Nights APK
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Size 206 MB
Latest Version v1.3
Last Updated                         April 15

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Konoha Nights is an animated puzzle & action game with an engaging game story for Android users. It offers unique gameplay that is a mix of action, puzzle, simulation, and adventure. You have to simulate this Naruto world to meet different female characters. There are a variety of locations to explore in the game including hotels, clubs, and restaurants. Solve different puzzles, explore different locations, and enjoy the gaming action. These puzzles and explorer adventures will help you progress in the game level-wise.

Do you love animated puzzles & action games? This gaming title is the perfect blend of simulation, action, puzzle, and adventure gaming mix. The graphic quality of this animated world is in 3D. All the visuals are highly appealing and in a colorful mix. Engaging game sound is also there to boost the charms of this animated gaming saga. All characters and stunning locations are unlocked to give you endless exploring adventures.

Features of Konoha Nights:

It offers animated gaming thrill with quality gameplay and engaging features. Here is the feature list.

A blend of Action & Adventure

This game is the perfect mix of action and adventure gaming categories. You will enjoy exploring adventures where you will wander in different locations. In this colorful world, you have to fight with the guard of different restaurants, clubs, and malls. This exploration and action keeps you immersed in the game.

Variety of Puzzles

Konoha Nights offers a great diversity of puzzles. These puzzles make the gameplay challenging and enhance your gaming skills. You will be awarded with animated girls after clearing these puzzles. So progress through these puzzles and earn game assets to reach girls.

Explore Different Locations

For your gaming thrill and exploration adventure, this game brings in unique locations. You can explore different clubs, locations, malls, and restaurants. This location diversity keeps you engaged and enhances the quality of the game.

Animated Game Characters

Game characters are the main charm of any animated action game. Hence, Konoha Nights APK offers a diversity of characters. From the main character to many female characters, there is great variety. You will enjoy the game and have fun with the female characters in the game.

Game Graphics & Sounds

This game offers an animated world with high-quality animated graphics. All visuals, locations, characters, and game elements come with 3D quality. Moreover, game sounds also come into play to boost your gameplay and the charms of this animated world.


Konoha Nights APK is a charming action game with an animated open world. It offers a diverse array of characters for your anime fun and puzzle adventure. Whether you love simulation games, puzzle sagas, or action games, this title has something for you. Its engaging sound quality and colorful HD graphics will keep you engaged. Download the game from this page and enter the world of anime where many animated girls and a variety of locations are waiting for you. Enter the game to enjoy action, adventure, explorations, puzzles, and simulation with a single game title.

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