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Lab2 Under Ground APK

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App Name Lab2 Under Ground APK
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Size 319 MB
Latest Version v1.25
Last Updated                         May 28

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Lab2 Under Ground Mobile is an action game that you can fully unlock today right now. It is full of action with the shooting features. The game will allow you to enjoy unique gameplay with various features for the players. In this game, you can get many items and weapons to fight against your enemies. The high-distance and high-range weapons are available to use for free. However, with these items, you can up your game levels and also improve your characters in the game.

The game has animated graphics that you can run in the game with enjoy the mobile-friendly interface. In Lab2 Under Ground APK, you can easily improve your gaming characters by pushing and injecting the weapons. The weapons of this game have abilities of high range that can be used to kill your monsters and enemies at your fingertips. However, the game you can see in the mysteries underground laboratory set, in which players can explore and get tons of weapons and items to kill the enemies. Besides, the game has a wonderful role to take to process for the further game.

It is an offline play game also you can play this game online. Both modes are available classic and offline. In classic mode you can play this game online and in offline mode you can play the game offline. In online play this game you can send invites to your friends to play the game together. But in offline mode, you can’t send the invite for the friends to play together. Because the offline mode isn’t allowed to play the game together. Indeed, the game has different locations that you can explore with high-quality graphics.

Features of Lab2 Under Ground:

This is a very attractive game that you can play with various features. Moreover, you can see the list of this game’s interesting features in the below.


Weapons are the main items of this game that can be used to kill the game monsters and enemies. This game will allow you to collect weapons that have a high range to kill enemies.


The hand-drawn and 2D graphics of this game are also interesting to the players. Players can enjoy the high-quality graphics of this game that is newly added in the game with recent improvements.

Gaming items

Lab2 Under Ground APK will give you free access to the removal of limitations and restrictions of the game. The game allows you to fully unlock the game to get tons of items of this game for free of cost.

Easy to play

There are many action games available in the market but they are challenging to play. A beginner player can’t play the game without any skills. But this amazing game is very easy to play.

Free to download

Developers developed a lot of games day by day for Android users. You know that everything is not free in these kinds of games. But this game will allow you to get anything in the game without paying any single penny from your pocket.


Lab2 Under Ground APK is a unique Android action-based game that players can download on their Android phones. The game provides different weapons and items to their players. Inside, the game you can unlock everything that you want to apply in the game to defeat your game enemies. The monsters and enemies are available in the game you need to kill them by pushing your skills through the weapons and other items of the game. Indeed, the game will allow you to play your style and make your gaming experience unique and attractive.

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