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App Name Litomplo Free Fire APK
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Size 6.37 MB
Latest Version v2.1
Last Updated                         July 13

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Litomplo Free Fire unlocks the complete potential and full power of Garena FF. It is a redesigned game Mod that fits in for all low and high-end devices. With this, you can get free access to premium weapons to boost your armory and fighting power. Its set of skins will give you all premium skins for free. You will also get smart features like wall trick & drone view in this Macro version. It will automate your aiming and bring an auto-headshot for shooting. Moreover, you will also get emotes and battle effects for free.

Garena Free Fire is the world’s most popular gaming title for mobile users. It has quality features, matchless gameplay, and a variety of premiums. Players pay for these premiums which include guns, skins, maps, characters, and much more. But now we are offering Litomplo Free FireAPK that will bless you with unlimited money and help you to get rid of real money purchases. It will unlock maps, characters, weapons, guns, skins, tools, combat effects, Emotes, ESPs, and much more.

Features of Litomplo Free Fire:

This Macro version has the following features which keep you ahead of other players.

Enhanced Weapon Collection

It will add the latest guns, powerful tanks, and a variety of weapons to your game collection. Moreover, all the premium guns are also unlocked for free use in the game.

Free Skin Packs

Get all your favorite gun skins, tank skins, and other premium skins for free. This advanced Mod of the game will unlock all the packs of skins. These skins will upgrade your guns & weapons.

Auto Headshot

Litomplo Free Fire also gives you access to unlimited auto-headshots. This feature automates the aiming process during the short & long range shooting sessions.

Assets Unlocked

Moreover, this Macro version will also unlock all the game assets that are necessary for the gameplay. You can get emotes, combat effects, FF diamonds, and much more.

Unlimited Money

Get an unlimited amount of in-game money and free FF diamonds. You can enhance your ranking, asset collection, and weapon armory with these coins & diamonds.

How to Unlock Weapons & Skins?

In the official gaming app of Garena, you have to pay money to unlock skins & weapons. But this advanced version does the trick for you without paying money. You just need to install this Macro version from this page. Install and launch the game and it will give you in-game money in unlimited amounts. Moreover, it brings all the weapons, skins, and guns unlocked from the start.

Useful Tricks:

Enhance your gameplay with amazing tricks. Litomplo Free FireAPK offers a variety of game tricks that enhance the overall gaming experience. You Will get a set of game tricks that include wall trick, fly hack, speed booster, Aerial view, ghost mode, and other useful tricks.


Litomplo Free Fire is the best and most complete version of the Garena FF game. It offers quality gameplay, and advanced, features, and unlocks all game features. Compared to the official gaming app, this Macro version will offer enhanced graphics, optimized controls, and a powerful gaming experience.

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