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App Name Macro Space APK
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Latest Version v9
Last Updated                         June 12

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Macro Space is among the leading FF injectors serving a complete range of features to the players. It is an advanced Android tool for Garena to boost the gameplay. You can get free emotes & ESPs with all menus unlocked. This panel is designed to inject features like maps, skins, and weapons. It will unlock all characters for the FF game to give you a complete personalization experience for your characters. You can use different emotes, battle effects, drone views, and, the latest vehicles.

About Macro Space:

Patching tools, panels, and injectors are the go-to way for many to unlock games, For Garena FF, millions of people also use this trick. Among thousands of insecure third-party tools, this panel stands tall with its security features. It keeps your gaming on the go by integrating all features and keeping the account in an anti-ban protection shield. You can get free skin packs, emotes, weapons, customization, maps, bunny bundles, characters, character outfits, drone views, and much more. The FF Panel is also Included in this app that provides multiple functions to their users to get the features of the Free Fire game.

Features of Macro Space:

It is the perfect match for patching the Free Fire game with many features. You will get complete customization control with all maps unlocked for a personalized experience. Boost your game with dozens of emotes and battle effects. Moreover, it also brings all the newly released weapons, guns, and grenades. For a better look at the battleground, it offers a free drone view & table view.

Battle Effects

This app will bring into play many battle effects that enhance gameplay. it includes expressive emote packs, elimination effects, recall effects as well as K.O. and respawn effects. All these effects enhance game performance and your expressivity.

All FF Maps

There are many maps to offer in this MOBA game. However, officially you can not touch all those maps except a few default maps. But now this tool will give a complete set of maps that includes all FF maps.

Characters with Customization

Macro Space brings dozens of FF characters for free. These characters come with customization accessories. You can rejig the appearance, outfits, and accessories for all the characters. All these customization options are also free.

Weapons & Skins

It is a MOBA title for FPS lovers. Hence weapons are the core of this epic battlefield. There are many premium weapons in the game but now with this panel, all those are free. Moreover, you can try tons of skins for all those weapons & guns.

Drone View & Table View

A better view of the battlefield gives better gaming performance. Hence, this panel includes a table & drone view of your game. You can watch around for enemies and assets on the battleground using the aerial look of a drone camera.


Macro Space APK is the best game patching maestro to give you full control of the game. It unlocks all the characters and features similar to other patching tools. But all others bring into account ban threats. While this one secures your account. You can enjoy gaming & patching for performance boost keeping your account in the anti-ban shield. Try this once, it will never disappoint you and will unlock everything in the game for free.

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