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App Name MelanCholianna APK
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Latest Version v2.1
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MelanCholianna APK is a mobile-based game that is comfortable for Android phones. It is a mobile game that has interesting entertainment for the players. There is a girl who wakes up in a different mysterious dungeon, and your mission is that you need to help her to find out her twin sister in the dungeon full of monsters. It is an adventure game that allows you to enjoy the puzzles of elements and shooting the zombies and monsters. The player will take the role of a girl named Melon.

In MelanCholianna you need to find a melon sister named Cholianna to complete your mission. During the research of her twin sister, you have a lot of challenges from the zombies to a world full of mysteries. This is a video challenging game for the players. Players can enjoy this game’s gameplay with the attractive story of twin sisters. This game is set in the ancient world, in which players can control a character to go research and forget twin sisters in different lands and magical worlds. The tons of zombies and monsters will fight against you, you need to defeat them for the next research.

In reality, it is a world-famous game that has the unique experience of adventure. Indeed, it is a full adventure game for the players where many monsters and zombies are the opponents. During the research of the Melon sister named Cholianna, the monsters and zombies must attack you. Hence, you need to protect yourself and fight against them to kill them. Moreover, the game starts with the dungeon and mysteries and ends after successfully finding Melon’s sister who is the main role of the game.

Features of MelanCholianna:

Here are full details of the exciting features of this game that you can know in the following.


This game is captivating and very unique gameplay to the players. The players can take a female character that is very interesting the entertaining. There are many challenges and missions for the players. However, the main mission of this game is research, and you need to search for a forgotten twin sister of Melon.


The game will allow you to enjoy a unique and attractive appearance. The hand-drawn and 2D graphics are also interesting to play the game. The environment of this game is highly details to the players.

Background Music

MelanCholianna APK allows you to set the different music in the background. However, you can choose your all-time music to set in the background of the game to also fun movements.

Character of the game

In this game, you will take a she character and taste of unique role in the game. The game will allow you to take the character of Melon, who is set to help her research her twin sister Cholianna in mysteries and zombies.

Action and shooting

As a player, you can see yourself in the action mood and shooting. Here you can fight against your zombies and monsters to help Melon. However, you need to shoot your zombies and monsters to kill them for the win match.


MelanCholianna APK is a unique design and comes with many attractive features, Puzzles, Elements, and characters for the players. There you can select the she character to play the game with and fight against your zombies and monsters. The game is very interesting with full of entertainment and adventure to the players. Inside, the game you can enjoy the user-friendly interface of this game with the attractive role of Melon and her twin sister Cholianna.

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