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App Name Monument valley APK
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Size 224 MB
Latest Version v3.3.105b
Last Updated                         April 14

Monument Valley APK gives a fascinating adventure through surreal landscapes. Players remedy problematic puzzles in visually beautiful environments. With intuitive contact controls, gameplay is easy and enjoyable. Each level offers specific demanding situations to check your capabilities. Manipulate angle to navigate via mind-bending boundaries. The game’s minimalist layout enhances the immersive experience. This amazing puzzle valley gives a relaxing getaway for gamers of all tiers. Explore at your tempo, unfastened by time constraints.

This Android Valley is a charming cell puzzle game loved by many. Players immerse themselves in stunningly designed landscapes. It features thought-bending puzzles that mission strategic questioning. The game boasts intuitive touch controls for seamless navigation. Unique perspective manipulation adds intensity to the gameplay experience.

With an immersive sound layout, gamers are engaged with the world. Its minimalist design aesthetic creates a visually desirable reveal. Players have the freedom to discover at their very own pace. The recreation offers an enticing storyline packed with a thriller and journey. Regular updates ensure sparkling content and ongoing leisure. Plus, offline play permits uninterrupted gaming each time, everywhere.

Features of Monument Valley APK:

Here is the complete list of charming features offered by this puzzle game for Android gamers.

Stunning Visuals

It give enthralling landscapes that captivate gamers’ interest. Players are immersed in visually lovely environments filled with problematic information. From towering structures to serene vistas, each scene is a work of art. Vibrant hues and resourceful designs create an enchanting ecosystem at some point. The sport’s photographs are a dinner party for the eyes, improving the overall enjoyment.

Mind-bending Puzzles

Engage in tough puzzles that require strategic wondering and trouble-fixing abilities. Each degree offers a new puzzle, steadily growing in problem and complexity. Players should go outside the field to conquer boundaries and progress. Solutions often require creative use of perspective and spatial reasoning. Successfully solving puzzles offers a sense of pleasure and accomplishment.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Navigate through the effects of the sports with easy and responsive touch controls. Tap, swipe, and drag to interact with the environment and resolve puzzles The intuitive controls make gameplay accessible to players of all ability tiers. Players can without difficulty control gadgets and navigate via tiers with precision. Responsive remarks ensure smooth and exciting gameplay on cellular gadgets.

Unique Perspective Manipulation

Experience gameplay mechanics centered around manipulating views to overcome demanding situations. Players can trade viewpoints to expose hidden paths and adjust the environment. Navigating through optical illusions requires cautious observation and strategic questioning. Shifting views frequently leads to sudden and pleasing solutions to puzzles. Mastering perspective manipulation provides depth and complexity to the gameplay experience.

Immersive Sound Design

Immerse yourself in the sports world with fascinating sound results. Every action is accompanied by way of wealthy, atmospheric audio that enhances immersion. From the gentle rustling of wind to the echoing footsteps, each sound feels genuine. The game’s soundtrack sets the mood, evoking a sense of marvel and journey.


Monument Valley APK is designed to be available and exciting for players of every age. Simple gameplay mechanics and intuitive controls make the sport easy to pick out. Clear commands and helpful pointers guide players via the gameplay experience. Accessibility capabilities make certain that everybody can experience the sport no matter their capability.

Minimalist Design Aesthetic

Enjoy the sport’s fashionable and minimalist art fashion, which emphasizes simplicity. Clean strains, geometric shapes, and diffused coloration palettes create a visually appealing aesthetic. The minimalist design allows players to be aware of the gameplay and puzzles. Every element serves a reason, contributing to the general aesthetic and surroundings.

Freedom to Explore

Embark on an adventure of exploration via the sport’s open and expansive global. Players have the liberty to explore at their tempo, without time constraints. Discover hidden secrets, unlock bonus degrees, and uncover new pathways. Exploration rewards players with a deeper expertise of the game’s global and lore. Freedom to discover encourages curiosity and fosters a feeling of discovery.

Engaging Storyline

Immerse yourself in a fascinating narrative full of intrigue, thriller, and journey. Follow the adventure of the sport’s protagonist as they navigate through an international marvel. Encounter memorable characters, each with their testimonies and motivations. An attractive storyline provides depth and context to the gameplay revel in.

Offline Play

Experience the magic of Monument Valley APK each time, anywhere, even without a web connection. Offline playlets in players to revel in the sport on the go, without annoying approximate facts or Wi-Fi. No net get entry to? No hassle! You can nonetheless dive into the game’s global of wonders. Offline play ensures uninterrupted gaming periods, even in faraway places or in the course of a tour.

Monument Valley APK Free Download:

Do you wanna try Puzzle Valley on your Android for free? Then download its APK file from this page as it is 100% free & secure to download. Grab the APK file and make sure mandatory permission for Unknown installation is turned on.  Open the APK file, tap the Install button and your puzzle game will be installed as you can launch it to enjoy endless gaming fun on the go.


Monument Valley APK gives an unforgettable adventure through fascinating landscapes and hard puzzles. With intuitive controls and lovely visuals, gamers are immersed in its world. As they progress, an experience of fulfillment accompanies each puzzle solved. The game’s minimalist layout enhances its appeal and beauty. Its immersive sound layout adds intensity to the enjoyment, enriching every moment. Whether for relaxation or stimulation, this puzzle valley caters to all players.


Does Monument Valley have ads?

No, there are no ads to disturb your puzzle adventure and gaming journey.

Are there in-game purchases in Monument Valley?

Yes, this game contains in-game purchases as you have to unlock levels and different premium features by paying money.

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