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Morella Modz is a game booster for MLBB. It gives you cool stuff like skins, extra damage, and enemy lag. You can download it for free on Android. With this ML Injector, you get freebies like emotes and better combat effects. It also unlocks maps and lets you customize them. Plus, you can boost your damage by 75% and make enemies lag.

Keep in mind, though, that using this mod can be risky. It might harm your device or get your game account banned. But if you’re up for it, it can take your MLBB skills to the next level. Its drone view will help you to monitor the whole battleground. You can detect hidden enemies and overcome them with ease. The best part of this ML loader is its anti-ban protection measure to keep your Mobile Legends Bang account safe.

There are thousands of MOBA and FPS games but MLBB is still the number one among all. This popularity is due to its sheer gaming quality and outstanding features. But you don’t get all the features by default when you start the game. Rather you have to pay money and get them. But no this ML injector will unlock all of them by integrating skins, maps, weapons, and other assets.

Features of Morella Modz:

This gaming tool boosts the Mobile Legends experience by unlocking all the legendary features. Here is the list of those legendary features that you can integrate into your gameplay.

ML Skins

Get ready to enjoy the legendary gameplay of Mobile Legends Bang Bang with all skins unlocked. This ML loader will load Tank skins, Fighter skins, Assassin skins, and all other skin packs in the game.

Maps Unlocked

This tool will unlock all the maps including premium maps of MLBB. You can choose any map, customize it, and start playing games on it. Moreover, you can rejig elements of the map including background and landscapes.

Enemy Lag

Morella Modz APK  will bring lags in your enemies’ gameplay. With lagging gameplay, you can target those enemies and kill them with ease. It will help you to enhance your kill ratio and overall gaming performance.

Upto 75% Damage

Now your single shot will give up to 75% damage to your enemies if you use this tool. This ML injector works on foes’ damage and you can give your opponents more damage in fewer shots to knock them out quickly.

Drone View

This special claim of this tool is awesome. You can keep an eye on enemies from aerial drone cameras. It will help you to detect hidden enemies and know their strategies and moves on the battleground.


Morella Modz App is a smart ML loader to loads packs of features into your game. You can unlock maps, customize those maps, and tweak the visual elements of the battleground. It will give you six different packs of skins with bunches of skins in each pack. Give more damage to enemies and bring lag in the enemy’s gameplay. Moreover, monitor all the opponents on the battleground very closely with a drone view. Know about their tactics, location, moves, and strategies to kill them with ease.

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