Proud Father APK

Proud Father APK

Proud Father APK

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App Name Proud Father APK
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Size 12 MB
Latest Version v0.13.6
Last Updated                         May 26

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According to your need, are you looking for a simulation game for your smartphone to play? We welcome you to download the Proud Father APK. It is a simulation Android-based game that is made for a father and his son characters. It contributes to the best platform to play the game. The game has a variety of features for the players. It is just like a training and teaching game for the players. This game is based on fatherly characters. It offers you valuable tasks to be done better. This game helps you take care of your child to be a happy and good parent.

Proud Father Helps a player develop their child’s character with the process of teaching and training them to boost and grow their son’s health. You can teach your child to become healthier. It is a taking care game for the players. The players can strengthen their child as compared to the before training and teaching. Furthermore, you can make your child healthy by not in whole in adulthood. There are many features to the players that can help you prepare your child according to your needs. The game is amazing with its graphics and features.

This game is under the father and his child characters. The child and his father is the main character of the Proud Father. Is there a need for a father, who needs to care for an egg at the beginning of the game for his child? The father gives care to a sick, child and feeds his child to sleep at night which develops both physically and mentally. Additionally, the players can compute the different tasks and missions in the game to become wonderful parents of their children. It is also a role-playing game for players.

Features of Proud Father:

This game has a variety of features for the players that can be used to better the game. Indeed, this game allows you to use the awesome features that you can use for free of cost.


The game has wonderful gameplay for the users. Users can easily enjoy the gameplay of these role-playing games.

Several tasks

Frond Father is and game that provides several tasks to the users. Players need to complete a variety of tasks that helps you can also train your child according to your need.

Ads Free

In this game, you have no need to watch the ads for further, game process. Because this game has wonderful features that provide you with the best gaming experience of the game.

Mobile Friendly

The game is developed under a mobile-friendly interface for the players. Players can easily develop their child by not whole an adult and doing other physical activities that damage the health and fitness of their child.

Free to download

If you are interested in interesting to downloading this game then you can free of cost to download this game here. You just need to hit the given download link from the button on this page in Modyla.


It is summed up that, Proud Father APK is for Android and tablet devices. The game is developed by Wasty20 which is the most popular gaming company in the world. The game is for those players who want to become good fathers. It helps you teach and train your child with full of happiness. It allows you to develop your child to take care of your child’s health. The game is also wonderful for new fathers. So grab the game by clicking on the given download link.

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