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App Name Reborn Imoba APK
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Size 14.4 MB
Latest Version v3.24
Last Updated                         May 19

Reborn Imoba 2024 is an ML injector for MLBB players on Android devices. It offers gaming features, maps, and assets that are not available in the official version. You can inject and unlock combat effects for your gameplay. It will bring all combat effects from respawns to recall and map radar to backdrops. You can integrate maps to your gameplay and ML skins in all six categories. Get free skins for fighters, Mage, Tanks, and Assassins.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the leading entertainment brand in the gaming world. It has many features that are locked and you can only unlock them by paying money. Hence, users look for injectors and panels for this game to integrate those advanced game features. Among thousands of injectors for Mobile Legends, we have chosen the best one for you. It offers a diverse array of features that will boost the gameplay.

Do you play MLBB? Then you must know the importance of skins and combat effects. But it is hard to get those effects and skins free. Hence, we are offering you the best and 100% free tool to get them. You will be stunned to see the features of your game after using this injector. From map customization to featured skins, and combat effects to drone view, it will unlock everything for you. These features will turn a newbie into a pro player of MLBB.

Features of Reborn Imoba 2024:

This free gaming tool has many features for gamers to enhance the gameplay of struggling MLBB players.

Combat Effects

In the gaming context of Mobile Legends Bang Bang or any other MOBA game, combat effects are key. This tool will unlock all ML combat effects. You can get free recall effects, respawns, and other battle effects.

All Maps

Are you willing to unlock maps? Try Reborn Imoba 2024 APK. It will unlock all the maps of the game. You can customize any map and play the game on this map with map radar and dron view for the map.

Map Radar & Customization

This gaming injector does not just unlock maps for you. Instead, you will get many customizations for these maps to rejig its different elements. You can customize the background, map theme, landscape colors, and other elements of the map.

Skins Unlocked

There is great diversity of skins in MLBB as you can enjoy 20+ skins in 6 different categories. This tool will give you skin packs for free that you can try for Assanssians, fighters, Mage, MM, and tanks.

Dron View

To give you a clear image of the maps and the exact positions of the players on the map, this tool brings in a drone view. This drone view helps you to watch the hidden enemies up to 1000 ft with its 5x power.


Reborn Imoba 2024 is the latest and most advanced ML injector released in 2024. It offers a huge amount of gaming assists and unlocked features. You will get tons of skin packs with different categories and gaming powers. It will unlock maps, map radar, drone view, and many other features. Moreover, its anti-ban and anti-bug features keep your account and device safe. It works only for MLBB games and only on Android devices. Get the ML injector and take your gaming to new peaks.

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