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App Name School Dot Fight APK
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Latest Version v1.3_01
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If you want to play the best action-based game on your Android and tablet devices, then I always prefer to download the School Dot Fight APK for Android. It is always one of the best games to play for the players. It has many new highlights and many surprises here to collect. The game gains millions of people’s hearts by providing its services to the players. The game also will be played together. It is a freeware electronic game that is designed with role-playing game features.  However, this game was developed by the NetDragon game production company.

School Dot Fight is a wonderful game that you can play on your mobile phone. There are dynamic features with the potential gameplay of an oppressed school. As a player in this game, you can collect the rewards and unlimited diamonds without paying any single penny from your pocket. This game is a freeware game to play. With this game, you can enjoy school life while fighting against your enemies and monsters. Further, there are tons of elements and puzzles for the players. However, the game you can download here for free of cost.

It is an electronic action and role-playing game for the players. If you want to enjoy your school life, then this game is great and the right choice on your hands. The game will be played in different locations without any trouble. Besides, gamers can enjoy the unique and super graphics of the games. The storylines of this game are also interesting to the players. Players can enjoy this game’s storylines with explore their school career in the game. Indeed, the game has many features that make this game easier. Furthermore, the game is commonly played on Android and tablet devices.

Features of School Dot Fight:

This game features collecting the following. You can check the features of this game in the given below.


This game has pixel and 2D graphics with a super interface. This game has a unique design with the UI. The game is comfortable for the low-end and high-end mobile with its 2D graphics.

World in the game

The full-color design and your desired things are available in this game. There are tons of items for the players that you can explore in this game with the features of the world in the game.

Gaming experience

School Dot Fight is not only a single game. Because it is the source of entertainment and adventure. Indeed, gamers can enjoy the amazing things of the game that are available in the game to use for free.

User-friendly Interface

The game has an amazing mobile-friendly interface with a simple design. You can play this game on your phone with a user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface.

Free to download

We all know that the majority of online games are paid to download and have a need to put in a password. But this game is free of cost to download and also free of password to play the game.


This game allows you to create your desired character to play the game. You can choose and create your character In the game to make your game better.


School Dot Fight APK is an amazing game that you can play on your smartphone. This game is the best source to enjoy their school life with their friends. The game has a multiplayer feature that can be used to connect you to your friends in the game. As a result, you can play this wonderful game together. Indeed, this game allows you to use and apply the different elements of the game to enjoy the game with more power. Further, you can add the additional power of the game to defeat your gaming enemies.

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