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App Name Shiro No Yakata APK
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Latest Version v1.9
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Now the adventure full game comes with the role-playing category. There are many items and features for the players. Yet, Shiro No Yakata APK lets you analyze the world’s magic tricks and tips to play the game. Players can play this game on their smartphone without paying any amount. It is the biggest game that has many pack interesting features and elements for the players. Indeed, this game explores the magical world in the different lands and islands. Players can enjoy this game’s advanced graphics and user-friendly interface on their phones.

Shiro No Yakata allows you to enjoy adventures in the many options. On it, players need to fight against their enemies and can visit the different areas of the game locations. There you need to fight with your monsters in the full room. When you kill your all enemies in the filled room of monsters then you have a golden chance to claim up to the nest round of the game with battle points. There are many unique tasks for the players. The players need to compute the tasks to win the game as well.

It is a unique and fantastic mobile game to play for the players. Besides, many locked features are available to use for free of cost. On it, you don’t need to play for the premium elements and puzzles. The elements and puzzles of this game are free to optimize. You can optimize everything in this game at your fingertips for free. But some pro monsters continually attack your gaming player. You need to defend and kill your attacker pro monster to complete the mission and task. By default, you can optimize the different gaming weapons to kill enemies.

Features of Shiro No Yakata:

There is a beautiful collection of features that this game offers you to optimize your game. All the features are very interesting to use. So let’s check the features and enjoy the game benefits with more interesting elements and puzzles.

Multiple Game Modes

There are multiple game modes available for the players. If you want to optimize the multiple gaming modes of this game then you need to use this feature in the game to utilize the different modes in the game.

Hunted House

Hidden passages are waiting to be explored. In this feature, you need to explore the haunted house of the game that is waiting to be discovered. However, this feature is very interesting and unique to utilize.

Unique gameplay

Shiro No Yakata APK has a unique design gameplay that the players can enjoy on the battlefield. Some of the many location elements and puzzles make this game’s gameplay more interesting.

User-friendly interface

Players can use this game’s user-friendly interface which is a very important part of every game. Without a user-friendly interface, the game is incomplete. Besides, the players can enjoy the user-friendly interface of this game that is available to players for use.

Free to download

If you want to download and free use everything on this game. Then there is good news for you. You can download and use everything in the game without paying any amount from your pocket. You just need to download this game from the given download button at the top of this article.


Shiro No Yakata APK is a third-party Android-based role-playing game you can download on your smartphone. To unlock the game’s variety of elements and puzzles, you need to enable the inject feature from the game. This game is based on mobile. You can play the game on your mobile phone. It is the best game where you can explore the haunted house with different magical worlds. However, the game is very easy to play with unique features.

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