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Stumble Guys APK

Stumble Guys APK

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App Name Stumble Guys APK
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Size 195 MB
Latest Version v0.29
Last Updated                         April 17

Stumble Guys is a super fun game with a lot of adventure and action. Here you control a silly character through all sorts of crazy challenges. You’ll jump, dodge, and stumble your way through colorful levels with your friends. It’s easy to learn and so much fun to play! Just grab your device and get ready to enter the animated of endless entertainment. Moreover, you can also enjoy this stumbling fun with your friends.

It is an amazing multiplayer game. You have to control wobbly characters via loopy obstacle courses. It’s clean to research and every person can play! With its ever-changing publications and hilarious demanding situations, each round is a blast. Leap, avoid, and stumble your manner to victory in this addictive and interesting game!

Stumble Guys APK

The gameplay is all about fun and competition. You manage a humorous individual through colorful obstacle publications.  In the gameplay, try to reach the end line earlier than your warring parties. It’s clean to play – simply bounce, circumvent, and stumble your manner via every stage. The satisfactory element? Every round is exceptional, keeping you on your toes and making you snigger alongside the manner

Features of Stumble Guys APK:

This game has a diverse animated world and a huge amount of characters and features. Let’s explore the top features of the game.

Multiplayer Mode

Get ready to enter the animated world for a multiplayer stumbling race. Here 32 players including you will be running for the goalpost to win the game. The gameplay is divided into levels and you have to win all of them to become a victor.

Animated World

For gaming fun and engaging races, this game offers an animated world. All the racing tracks, hurdles on the way, and characters in 3D animated visual quality. Furthermore, BGM and sound effects enhance the gameplay.

Diversity of Characters

Stumble Guys APK offers dozens of game features in different colors and visual appearances. You can go with any of them from Inmate 613 to Pioneer and others. Moreover, you can also customize them.

Play With Friends

Gaming and racing are always fun with buddies. Hence, this gaming saga brings in multiplayer mode where you can enjoy fun and action with your buddies. It’s your choice to go with team mode with your friends or against your buddies.


Show your gaming skills to your friends and players around the world and top the leaderboard. This global leaderboard encourages players to struggle hard to win games and become a leaderboard topper.


Stumble Guys brings a colorful and animated gaming world for epic action and racing adventure. You will get a diversity of characters for your wobbly racing gameplay. All the characters are customizable and for this customization game offers outfits and accessories. It is divided into levels and comes with progressive gameplay. You can invite friends to make teammates in multiplayer mode or play against them. Moreover, HD graphics, colorful landscapes, and engaging sound effects make the game a complete entertainment package.

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