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App Name Teaching Feelings APK
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If your passion is teaching us and you want to become a teacher then here we present with best game for free. However, this game meets you with your Teaching Feelings. It is an educational and casual game developed by a wonderful developer NSFW, who developed many game apps to play for the players. Indeed, this game gained much popularity in the world. Since it has millions of downloads this game most popular game around the world. Besides, this game has a unique interface to play with a lot of characters.

Teaching Feelings APK is an adventure and educational based game that will be comfortable for Android and tablet devices. Yet, this game you can only download on your Android smartphone. The IOS and PC versions may be available in the market. So carefully download the PC and IOS versions of this game from the secure platform. Gaining your trust is our responsibility to provide the best item to you. Well, this game app is secure and trusted to download from our website. We continuously check every file that we provide to download for our users. So this game app is one of these trusted files that you can download on your smartphone.

To become a teacher you need to learn many things and work about yourself to teach others. However, this game utilizes your responsibilities to teach others. In reality, it’s a super duper game that you can get from the mentioned link. The useful features and attractive graphics also force you to stay on this game for a long time. Hence, this game is a wonderful game to play with pixel and 2D graphics. A User-friendly interface is another advantage on the player’s hands to play the game with more easiest.

Features of Teaching Feelings:

On this potion, we introduce the amazing features of this game that you can check in the following exploration. Well, each feature of the game makes your gaming experience complete at your fingertips.

Teaching Feelings Characters

The six main characters of this game are Life With A Slave, Protagonist, Ferrum, Nephy, Aurelia, and Sylvie. These characters you can play in the game most simply.


The one thing about this game is many players’ favorite in the all-time that is gameplay. Yes, the gameplay is an amazing part of this game that you can enjoy in this game for experience of the teaching.


Indeed, it is also a dating game that has interesting storylines. Well, it allows you to delve into the player’s emotions and much more characters to the players. Since it is an amazing feature of this game that you can inject for free of cost.

Recreate life

Teaching Feelings is not only taking care of others but also, it helps you maintain your own life. Earn the money go shopping and enjoy life while exploring the world to become a healthy man.

Human Values

It conveys the humanitarian values of women in the gene life. It is your responsibility to maintain and protect to perform beautiful actions to build a better life.

Update the latest version

When you feel or check your game version is out of date then you need to install the latest version for the latest added features and gameplay. In this situation, you only need to visit Modyla.com to get the latest version and replace it in the game to get full access to the game.


In a nutshell, Teaching Feelings APK is an Android third-party education-based game for Android and tablet users. This game allows you to inject a lot of interesting elements and puzzles to complete your gaming experience. However, many items of the game prepare you to teach with others. Furthermore, this game comes with unique and attractive graphics for the players. Players can enjoy this game’s gameplay with amazing storylines. The game is set about teachers’ feelings. With this game, you will be able to enjoy about teacher’s feelings and also prepare to become a teacher or improve your teaching skills.

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