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Training Slayer APK

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App Name Training Slayer APK
Genre ,
Size 275 MB
Latest Version v54.0.1e
Last Updated                         April 19

Average rating 2.3 / 5. Vote count: 4

The new adventure game comes with the named Training Slayer. It is an Android-themed game with many characters and roles. The main and top character of this game is the female slayer. It is like an anime series game for all adventure lovers. This game is available for all Android and tablet users. It is developed and affected by female slayer developers.  There are all gene charters. Furthermore, the players can enjoy a lot of scenes in the game. According to the player’s need developed added all the themes.

Training Slayer APK is a full adventure game for Android users. It includes a maximum number of female characters for the players. However, the Android-themed game comes with the added countless features and many more characters. Each theme of this game is dependent on the female character. There are a lot of resources for the players with zero time limitations. It is a very interesting game that contains female characters for the player. As well you can also set and play the game with a female role. It is the most popular and famous game in the world.

This game has many abilities for gamers. Also, there are lots of challenges for the players. Since there are opponents that will welcome you with weapons shoots. Hence, this game is more attractive with its themes and characters. However, to become a pro player of the game you need to interface all the difficult challenges in the game to win more and more battle points. There are worldwide famous players participating in the game so the game will be more attractive and interesting for you. This game provides you with many features that are explored in the following.

Features of Training Slayer:

We are exploring the same main features of this game that are given following. Just check the features and start to play the adventure game according to your style.

  • It is an Android-themed game for all Android users.
  • It includes all the female characters to play in the game.
  • Earn real money with this game refer link in the social media.
  • The game supports multiple languages to play on Android.
  • There are almost fifty levels to play in the offline mode.
  • The players can easily live-stream the game on their phones.
  • The gameplay and characters of the game are also interesting.
  • This adventure game doesn’t support any third-party website ads.

We are done exploring the above features of this game that you read completely. Make sure you like the features of this game that are explored.

Latest Change Log of the game:

  • Added Shinobu and Kanao.
  • Added Kanzaki and Kanao.
  • Added Nezuko and Mitsuri.
  • Added Nezuko and Shinobu.

What’s New ChangeLog in the latest version v54.0.1:

  • Added a new outfit, Suma.
  • Added a new outfit to Makio.
  • Added the 3 Wifes to the UI.
  • Added a new outfit to Hinatsuru.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Suma route.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Makio route.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Hinatsuru route.


Training Slayer is one the best female characters game that we are exploring for you. You can play this game with your friends and relatives as well as possible. Inside, the game you can earn rewards and cash by sending this game refer link to your social media accounts. Besides, the players can enjoy this adventure with Android-themed features. There are multiple and more interesting features for the players. Also, you can easily unlock the features of this game by paying the rewards from your gaming account. As well you can also automatically generate the rewards of the game by playing the game on your smartphone.

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