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App Name Truecaller MOD APK
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In today’s world, many calls that are not real are spam calls and some messages are also spam. So, considering all these things, there was a need for an application that was capable of detecting them all. In this regard, TrueCaller Mod has proved to be a game-changer for mobile users. That specializes in detecting such calls and such messages. With this app, you can protect yourself from rob callers and scammers and identify unknown phone numbers.

In this article, we will tell you about the various features of True Caller that have made this app popular all over the world. Often during work, you need to make a call to get in touch, be it a person in the office or a close friend. With this modified app you can make your calls professional and efficient. It is the world’s only and first app that has many features that any calling app might need.

Truecaller Mod APK

A very important feature of this app is the blocking function among other features. Which allows easy tracking of incoming calls, especially from unknown and strange numbers. This feature is available on major platforms like iOS Android or Windows Phone and it is very much liked by the users. This app has gained more popularity than photography apps. While this application has many features, one feature that stands out the most is that you can identify the caller if the caller is unknown, recognize the caller, and call him/her.

What is Truecaller MOD?

It is an authentic and useful modified app that offers the latest caller ID, blocking feature, and spam detection facility. It keeps your device protected against scammers and robo-callers. Its mod version is ad-free and filters all spam calls easily. Download this app and enjoy its premium features for free.

Features of TrueCaller Mod:

Reverse number search

Another advantage of this app dialer is that it provides a reverse number lookup capability which allows you to find the name of the caller and the phone number from whom you are calling. It takes the guesswork out of calling and makes sure you select the right number and person to call. Also, if you want to avail free calls, you can use the VoIP calling feature of this app. With this feature, you can also talk to your friends or loved ones without paying huge bills.

High-value spam detector and blocker

Among the many features of this app, another feature that makes it stand out even more is the spam detection and blocker that automatically blocks unwanted calls and messages through SMS and the user’s Protects data. In addition, the phone numbers in the spam lists of millions of users worldwide are updated at the same time. It protects its users from the latest scam calls and messages. Phone numbers that are spam need to be added to the blacklist of the application and thus whoever calls will hear only the line signal.

Truecaller Assistant Facility

The application includes an assistant smart call monitor and voice-based virtual assistant with the help of artificial intelligence that identifies spam to the user in a very short time and takes it to a level where the user is safe.

Messaging Facility

With the texting app feature of the app, you can not only send and receive messages but also schedule messages for the future and much more. In addition, this app can automatically identify and block unknown SMS, spam, scams, and solicitation SMS.

Truecaller Premium Version

A premium version of this app gives users access to additional features. This version has advanced ad-free, blocking and filtering capabilities. Apart from this feature, whoever has viewed your profile or you can create or set any number and picture as the person calling you.

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TrueCaller MOD is a very powerful Android app that offers extensive caller ID, dialer, and spam detection. With this app, you can protect yourself from robot callers and scammers and detect unknown phone calls. This app’s features include a spam detector and blocker for top numbers, enhanced caller ID, and reverse number search. This software doesn’t submit your phone book for public or searchable access. Over 350 million users worldwide rely on us since we are free. Additionally, all of your messages and interactions stay more secure.

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