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WCC 3 Mod If you love cricket a lot and are looking for a cricket game to enjoy the game of cricket then the latest and most advanced game app of the World Cricket Championship is currently the most downloaded game in the world. It has high-quality features and real-time player motions that look like real players. The features of this app show all formats of cricket including T20, ODI, and Test matches in a very modern way.

Everyone wants to keep themselves healthy through gaming. Nowadays, where there are various games in the playgrounds, there are many gaming apps in the computer world as well. This is not only very easy to find but also one can find many cricket-based games in Play Store, i store or any other operating system and enjoy playing them. Cricket is a very popular and difficult sport which is now being played in many countries especially countries like Australia, England, India etc.

Sometimes the game gets too boring so some entertainment should be allowed in this category. World Championship 3 mod has been given a high-definition three-dimensions graphic touch. With the help of this feature, the app will be allowed to get proper opportunities in the cricket section. It is a set-piece affair that will provide opportunities for both teams to prove themselves. In this, you will also choose the team character which means to achieve a tough fight during the game.

WCC3- World Cricket Championship 3 Mod:

World Cricket Championship Mod is unique in the world of all kinds of cricket-related games. It allows the user to create a team for or against teams of his choice. And then compete with that team at the national or international level. And it has options for all kinds of games that can be customized.

Features of WCC 3 Mod:

Feel the True Spirit of Cricket:

Professional commentary, self-created stadiums, lighting and pitches, and tournament formats. Such as World Cup, Tri-Series, One Day International, and Ashes Test cricket along with 100 new cricket actions of bowling and fielding. This game app is also available on mobile phones and there is no change in it either.

Create Your Very Own Invincible Team:

With the help of WCC 3 mod, you can build your team which will be unbeatable. With career mode, you can not only play domestic leagues and international matches but also advance your career by facing many obstacles and utilizing all your skills.


National Premier League (NPL) on WCC 3 in which players are selected by adopting an auction method.

Women’s National Premier League (WNPL) is a mobile cricket game exclusively for women. There are five teams that are participating in the championship.

All-Star Group

Create an all-star team of contemporary and famous players by looking at the cricketers who have really appeared in the game of cricket. Also very famous and choose the best players of the time to make everyone proud.

Superior Personalization

Many real player faces have been added to make the game more interesting and realistic with the help of an advanced personalization system. In this game app, players can choose from a pool of 150 players which is incredible.


World Cricket Championship 3 mod (WCC3 3 MOD) which uses Ultra HD 3D visuals and many other features to make this app game very interesting. While the hacked version gives access to all the premium features which keeps the focus on the game and avoids wasting a lot of time. And it provides good gaming in all forms be it national or global tournaments or any other similar competitions. This app is the best game app in the world.

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