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The Wolf Girl With You is an entertainment game with processes extremely ultimate graphics and comedic performances of the Liru character. The game character is mystical beauty. The game is newly created by developers who are on a quiet journey with the video game industry. It is an electronic-based game that is under the simulation category. This game is a visual novel anime genre that was developed by Seismic. There are a lot of challenges for gamers. The graphics and gameplay of this game are also amazing to the gamers.

Wolf Girl With You APK is an amazing game that has attractive graphics and a unique style. The game allows you to enjoy the sensations that you desire from the game. There are many characters for the players and there are many various aspects of the main character of the game. However, you will be able to take action with the other characters that make your storylines. You can play this game as a young man that is your needs to take care of a girl who is depressed from the wolf. Here the game set to you that you need to meet up with the Liru fateful.

The game allows you to use several things that make the game more enjoyable to you. You can choose the character from the game to play as well. However, you can apply this game attractive features in the game to play the game with more power. Furthermore, you can collect the variety of elements and puzzles of the game that are free of cost in the game to use. You can use each part of this game with high-quality graphics. The game also comes with different characters for the players.

Features of Wolf Girl With You:

It is a very interesting game to play with its graphics and gameplay. Well, the following are the features of this game that you can use in-game for free to get enjoyable movements of the game.


The new noteworthy aspect of the game with the high-quality graphics reflection of each detail of the game. In this game, you can invite a girl to dinner and watch TV and other activities. There you need to strengthen your relationship with the Liru, which is the main role of the game to you.

Smoothly Gameplay

Wolf Girl With You is a visual novel in which you can read and interact through choices you make in the game most easily. Each selection leads to several outcomes and storylines. In which you can directly affect the relationship between Liru and you. Furthermore, there are a lot of romantic scenes.

Pet take care

Take care of your pet is take care. Provide a lot of attention to its that here needs in the game to satisfy the pet for the relationship between you and Liru. You need to give good entertainment and actions to the pet.


This game has outstanding storylines for the players. You can enjoy life with Liru who is the character of this game. You can entertain your life partner Liru in different ways. On it, you can eat food for dinner and enjoy a disco and many more things.

Easy to Navigate

Well, the game is very easy to play. You first need to download the game from here. Once it is done you need to open the game for play. In short, you can use the lobby of the game for the better-known game to play.


It is summed that Wolf Girl With You is a novel electronic-based game that was developed by Seismic LLC. This game allows you to enjoy several things. There are possible aspects that will be true for the players. Players can grab a lot of elements of the game. The main character and theme of this game relationship between you and Liru. You can enjoy your days in the game with your girl part which is named Liru.

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