PUBG Mobile Mod APK

PUBG Mobile Mod APK

PUBG Mobile Mod APK

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App Name PUBG Mobile Mod APK
Genre , ,
Latest Version v2.9.2
Last Updated                         May 8

PUBG Mobile Mod APK is an action-based game for mobile phone users. You can play this game anytime and anywhere if have a suitable internet connection. It is a multiplayer game that you can play with a team-up. In which you can select the different battles to play the game. Each battle will be played with 100 players from worldwide. Find the bags and weapons when you start to play the game. The game also will be played 4 x 4 death matches teams. It contains the zombie mode and many more items.

It contains the maps and Erangle and many more. Survival is the basic key of the game that will be used to win the game. After winning the match you got a chicken dinner. You can play PUBG Mobile Mod with your friends with communication. This game is the most popular game with its offering features to the players. Players can communicate the way in voice, chats, and messages. There are many seasons with 12th season royal pass to the players. PUBG MOBILE The Latest version 3.8.0 is currently being considered and comes with many improvements. The graphics and best environment to play the game for players.

PUBG Mobile Mod Fly view

PUBG Mobile is free of cost to play for the players. Here you are able to download the modified version 0.9.0 on your smartphone. Indeed, the game has several items to use. It includes Skins, Weapons, Outfits, Bags, shoes, health, recoil, etc. Each feature of this game tells an achievement in the game. You can select the different servers in the game that you really like to play. The fly, swimming in the water and wall up, and much more interesting gameplay to the players. It is a very exciting game to play.

Features of PUBG Mobile Mod APK 2.8.0:

On it, you can grab a lot of advanced features of the game for free of cost. Indeed, the players can enjoy the best gameplay with high-quality graphics. A whole range of variety of weapons and many other items. This game gives you to use jaw-dropping, 3D sounds, and HD graphics to play the game. Furthermore, the whole game will be customized according to the player’s needs.


There are different weapons available to the players. PUBG Mobile Mod APK players can get Assault Rifles (AR), Bolt/Lever Action Sniper Rifles, Automatic Sniper Rifles/ Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs), and Submachine Guns.

Unlimited UC

This game allows you to use multiple UCs that are 0 UC = 90 Tk ➤ 120 UC = 180 TK ➤ 190 UC = 270 Tk ➤ 380 UC = 540 TK ➤ 660 UC = 910. These are the UCS of the game that you can grab for free to use.

Latest Map

This version allows you to use the new map named town, it allows you to view the large distance in battle.

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PUBG Mobile Mod has a collection of several skins that you can use in the game for free. You can use skins such as The Fool M416, L&Q Chicken M762, Blood and Bones M16A4, Godzilla AWM, M416 Glacier, Gold Pirate AKM, and Moonlit Grace Kar98K.


The game provides tons of characters for the players. It is a very exciting game with characters named Sara, Andy, Victor, Carlo, and Anna. These are the five top characters of the game that we include here.


PUBG Mobile is available to play with the multiple and tons of vehicles that you can freely use in the game. It allows you to use vehicles such as Buggy, Dacia UAZ, (Normal, Closed Top, Open Top) Motorcycle, Motorcycle w/ sidecar, Mirado(Closed Top, Open Top), Pickup(Closed Top, Open Top), and Van.


There are many recoils available to you that you can get to recoil for the relief of your health while playing the game. The recoil you can increase up to Horizontal recoil increase: +4%, Vertical recoil increase: +9.8%, and Recoil reduction while crouched: -16% → -13%.

Live server – Normal Match

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Vikendi
  • Sanhok
  • Paramo

Useable Freedom codes

If you want to use the freedom code in PUBG mobile then you should need these codes CMCKZBZBAW – Redeem for Sea Breeze Myth Voucher (New), CLPOZFZ56S – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New), CLPOZEZVEG – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New), CLPOZDZ6PP – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)CLPOZCZTVW – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New), CLPOZBZ6JE – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New), CLHFZFZ7VE – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)RollingInMoney – Redeem for rewards, HealthAndHappines – Redeem for rewards and HappyGoldenMoon – Redeem for in-game rewards

More Info for PUBG Mobile APK Players:

Name; PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Developer; PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON, Inc., Nightspeed & Quantum.

Designer; Brendam Greene

Genres; Battle Royale game, Shooter game, Free-to-play, Action-adventure game.

Mode; Multiplayer video game.

Initially Release; March 23, 2017.

Awards; The Game Award for the best Multiplayer game in the world.

Nomination; The Game Award for Game of the Year and more.

Summary & Conclusion:

PUBG Mobile Mod APK is known as PlayerUnkonwns Battlegrounds. It is an action, shooting, and free-to-play game also it best adventure game for the players. The game was inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royal which is based on a mode created by Brendan. However, you can use the freedom advantages of the game to entertain your life by using the different characters, skins, and vehicles.

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